Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's HOT outside!!

Well, y'all, it seems as though we went straight into the heat and humidity of Summer without even a nod at Spring...
And if your gardens are anything like mine, they do NOT like it. It's been a real struggle to keep things blooming, producing, growing and just simply LIVING.

As a careful and close observer of my Garden inhabitants, it seems to me as though they are reacting to this weather as if something is "missing" from their Life-cycles...
Whatever they derive, and need, from the milder weather of Spring, they are developing...or, in some cases, NOT if that certain "something", now gone from the environment, is truly an ESSENTIAL.

And while I have tried everything under the Sun...yes, pun make up for whatever that critical element IS, I have come to the conclusion that, for now, all I CAN do is feed and water when needed... 

And yes, there is something very important to REMEMBER here...

I know that it is very tempting to load up your struggling plants with more nutrients...after all, they seem so sad...but the big risk with this "help" is burning the roots and/or bulbs.  Right now, they may be wilty and not much to look at, but most stuff will come back next Spring, or Growing Season. If you give them too much fertilizer, you take the chance of permanently damaging the root ball or the bulb, which can not only kill the entire plant, it will prevent regrowth or blooming.
So, go easy on the nutrients, especially on the weaker guys...

Rain Gauge    
As for WATER...I know it is hard to just watch the Garden as it struggles to be in its full glory, but over-watering results in root rot, fungus in the soil, mold and mildew on bulbs and root balls, and diseases such as Brown Spot. So, resist the temptation to "Save the Garden"...only water when your plants really NEED it. Use some kind of "water gauge" or "rain gauge" to keep track of levels around plants. If you don't have one, just stick your index..."pointer"...finger down into the soil...if the dirt is damp up to the second knuckle, then don't water.
Additionally, keep up with the weeding and deadheading and such...every little bit of regular maintenance helps the overall condition of the Garden.

I know, I's hard to do pretty much nothing but watch...
But know that, if you take CARE of your plants and flowers, and try not to kill them with kindness, chances are that NEXT SPRING, or Growing Season, your patience and diligence will be rewarded with stronger and healthier beauties.

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