Monday, March 26, 2012

Getting Ready For SPRING

Sometimes, when you least expect it, The Garden suddenly, and without any warning, offers us a glimpse of just how beautiful Spring can be...

Over the last couple of weeks, I have taken about 12 hours to get all 17 flower beds ready for this Season of Possibilities...this time of amazing colors and wonderful fragrances. Dirt, sweat, blisters, and the task of removing pesky stickers from hands...all great stuff, and all part of the Spring Clean for the May Queen. But, it is so worth it !!

I still have to redesign the huge flower bed on the side of the house that is next to the Blue House...will be combining several smaller beds to make one complex one...and want it to be unique, and a welcoming place of peace to all who enter its boughs. I may even get a couple more pieces of "yard art" to add to its new look.

But that will be a PROJECT, a JOURNEY...not something to rush into and "get done"...but to ponder and create and revel in as it takes it develops its new Life. It will a joyful experience, and one that will bring a new dimension to The Garden, as a whole. 

As I cleaned out the flower beds and weeded the little bit of weeds that were there...then, raking the beds and yard, just to add to the began to rain.

I realized at that very moment that THIS...the flower beds and The my CHURCH...along with the cats, dogs and Family, of course. And also at that very moment, I could have sworn I heard The Universe sigh.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Time to Get Ready for Spring 2012 !!

Well, y'all, it's been quite a stretch between my last entry and this one...
guess I let Fall and Winter take hold and just gave my Garden time to just BE...

But, now that the possibility of a hard freeze here in Orlando is gone, it is time to bring the GARDEN BACK TO LIFE !!

Cut back all of the dead bits...this tells the plant that it's OK to start making new growth.

Rake the flower beds, getting the old mulch and dead leaves and such out of the growing space.

Take a good, long LOOK at your Garden...see what you want to keep the same.
And think about changing it up a bit... 
Add some new "yard art".
Get some new, fresh mulch and spruce it up.
See what you have that has survived the Winter, and where you might have some empty spots that need filling.
Now is the time to plant SEEDS...
Time to consider COLOR.

If you don't have the funds right now, think about transplanting some of the plants you already have.
This gives your Garden a new look, freshens it up, and let's you see those places that might need more color...less color...or something NEW and different.

It is also time to begin the feeding process...
Slow release plant/flower food is the easiest to use, and is the 
most economical, since you only apply it every few months.

Get off that couch...get from behind that computer...
and get your hands dirty !!

Next time, I will talk about how you can create your own 
Until then,